Kaliningrad International Competition

Sponsor: City Planning Bureau, Kaliningrad

Location: Kaliningrad, Russia

Type: Open, international, two-stage

Languages: Russian, English

Stage 1 Deadline: 14 April 2014

Design Challenge: Announcement of the open international competition for architectural and city planning concept of area development in the historical center of Kaliningrad (Korolevskaya gora and its locality)

Noncommercial partnership ‘City-Planning Bureau ‘The Heart of the City’ under instructions of the Government of Kaliningrad region and in association with the administration of municipal entity ‘Urban district ‘The city of Kaliningrad’ announces an open International architectural and city-planning competitive tender for the Concept of area development in the historical center of Kaliningrad (Korolevskaya mountain and its locality)

Competition aims and objective is to provide a rational urban, city-planning, and extensive tridimensional solution for the area of former Korolevskaya gora and its locality (the area of 56 ha within the boundaries of Novaya Pregolya riverfront, Zarayskaya str., Shevchenko str., Klinicheskaya str., Proletarskaya str., Sergejeva str., Universitetskaya str., Zhitomirskaya str., V. Hugo str.)

For more information, go to: www.tuwangste.ru