Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center International Competition


Sponsor: Kinmen County Government, Taiwan

Type: Open, 2-stage, international

Fee: None

Qualifications for Participation: (for Stage One)

1. Any licensed architect of Taiwan (R.O.C.), alone or in joint tender.
2. Any licensed architect (or Firm / Corporation) of foreign country, alone or in joint tender.
3. Joint tender of licensed architects of Taiwan (R.O.C.) and licensed architects (or Firms/Corporations) of foreign countries.

For more information, please visit our website or refer to tender notice.

Construction Goals: 

The projected goal for Phase 2 of the Center is an annual processing capacity of 5 million travelers. Based on the projected growth and airport expansion in 2031, the design of Phase 1 will be for an annual processing capacity of 3.5 million mini-three links travelers, with construction completion and quality assessment of construction on Dec. 2017. 

Spatial Requirement:

The Center is to be a multi-functional facility with the following main spaces: domestic arrival, cross-strait arrival/departure, port offices, commercial space, service space, equipment rooms and administrative space. Phase 1 will have a total floor area of roughly 36,080 m2 and Phase 2 an expansion of 6,400 m2 in floor area, totaling 42,480 m2 for both phases.


The total construction procurement budget is about NT$ 1,874,000,000. (about US$ 62,000,000)

Service Fees:

The service fee for this project is a fixed fee in the total amount of NT$200,000,000.(about US$6,660,000) 


Stage One Material Submission Deadline     2014/01/20
Stage One Jury Session                                    2014/01/23 ~ 2014/01/24
Announcement of Shortlist Tenderers               2014/01/24
Stage Two Material Submission Deadline     2014/04/22
Stage Two Jury Session                                    2014/04/24 ~ 2014/04/25
Announcement of Winning Tenderers                2014/04/25
For more information, please visit: www.PKPSC.com.tw


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