Queensway Connection: Elevating the Public Realm

Sponsor: Emerging New York Architects (ENYA)

Type: Open, ideas, international

Location: New York

Languages: English

Eligiblity: The competition is open to all design students and young professionals, including, but not limited to, architects, artists, engineers, landscape architects, urban designers and planners. Entrants are considered eligible if they have completed their education at the undergraduate or graduate level within the past 10 years of the competition announcement (August 22nd, 2013). The participants may be licensed individuals within their respective professions.

Registration & Submission Deadline: 6 January 2014

Entrance Fees:

Student $35
Single Entry $65
Team (2-4 People) $130
Team (5-10 People) $300
Academic Lab $35 (includes 1 Student Entry)


Enya Prize – $5,000
Second Prize – $2,500
Third Prize – $1,000
Student Prize – $1,000

Design Challenge:

Queensway Connection: Elevating the Public Realm will support Friends of the Queensway and Trust for Public Land in their efforts to transform an abandoned rail right-of-way into a greenway that serves diverse neighborhoods in central and southern Queens. This conversion shares many similarities to the Bloomingdale trail conversion in Chicago, whose surrounding urban context is a significantly lower density than that of the High Line. ENYA is seeking to supplement the ongoing feasibility study for the railway’s transformation by envisioning ways the future park can be activated beyond a means of recreation and leisure. This competition emphasizes the importance of the park’s access points and questions whether they can be programmed and designed so that they extend the street activity onto the railway.

The site selected for this competition is the former Ozone Park Station, abandoned when the Rockaway Beach rail line shut down in the 1950′s. Centrally located in the neighborhood and close to both subway lines, this platform is the only location that provides an increased width. The station is located between 100th and 99th Streets, and 101st and 103rd Avenues in Ozone Park, Queens. The 2 tracks, elevated 15 feet above street level, feature cantilevered extensions on both sides which formerly served as the platforms for passengers awaiting the train. ENYA selected this site, located at the southern end of the proposed QueensWay, to serve not only as gateway to the larger park system but also be a model for what community hubs along the railway can become.

For more information, go to: http://www.enyacompetitions.org/2014/