Detroit Hudsons Competition Results

Judges choices

■ First Place: “MINICITY Detroit,” submitted by Davide Marchetti and Erin Pellegrino of Rome, Italy

■ Second Place: “Detroit Entrepreneurial Center (DEC),” submitted by Efrain Velez, Juan Nunez and Marko Kanceljak of Kalamazoo

■ Third Place: “Highwave Detroit,” submitted by Team Rossetti/Metrogramma of Southfield (soon to be Detroit)

Public choices

■ First Place: “Hudson’s Quarter,” submitted by Emilie M. Rottman and James G. Ramil of Washington, D.C.

■ Second Place: “Exten(D), Extending Life in the D Beyond the 9 to 5,” submitted by Smith Group JJR-Diana Khadr, Tengteng Wang, Alexa Bush, Kyle Johnson and Jessie McHugh of Detroit

■ Third Place: “Blue Fountain Tower,” submitted by Salvador Parra Espinosa and Selene Serna Contreras of De San Bernadino, Toluca, Mexico

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