New Bode City Hall: Bøde, Norway

Sponsors: Bøde Community, Norway

Type: Open, international, one-stage

Eligibility: Foreign architects in the EU/EEA area must substantiate qualifications equivalent to the requirements given in the Eu’s architects directive. Other foreign
architects must substantiate equivalent qualifications.

Language: Norwegian

Fee: none


20 August 2013 – Q&A deadline

1 October 2013 – Submission deadline (12:00)


The jury will determine the allocation of 1,500,000 NOK (approx. $245,000)

Judging criteria:

Criteria to be applied in the evaluation of projects:

  • • Architectural quality.
    • Architectural interaction with the existing city hall and the Bank as well
    as surrounding city areas.
    • Good functionality and internal communication between new and old
    buildings and between the various departments/functions.
    • Good accessibility (Universal design) for both employees and visitors.
    • Flexibility in relation to future change of use and new requirements.
    • Area efficient solutions.
    • Energy efficient solutions.
    • Cost efficient solutions in relation to the given budget.
    • The concept’s resilience and development potential

Design Challenge:

Presently the City Hall district comprises 3 distinctive buildings. This
includes the existing city hall designed by the architects Blakstad og
Munthe-Kaas; inaugurated in 1959, a library designed by the same
architects; inaugurated in 1967, as well as the Bank designed by
Kristoffer Lange; inaugurated in 1950.
The existing city hall and the Bank shall be renovated, while the library
can be removed and replaced with a new building in the back yard.
The tender competition is challenging, both in relation to architectural
design, but also in relation to the demand that the new building shall be
flexible and have a good functional relationship with the existing city
hall building


Contact information:

Bodø kommune v/prosjektleder Snorre Leivseth
Postboks 319, 8001 Bodø

Mobil: 909 75057