Design for Death Competition

 Type: open, ideas, international


Fee: none


Registration deadline: 1 September 2013


Submission deadline: 1 September 2013



1st prize: 25,000 euro
2nd prize: 10,000 euro
3rd prize: 5,000 euro


• Minsuk Cho – MASS STUDIES – architect
• Hani Rashid – ASYMPTOTE – architect
• Ben van Berkel – UNSTUDIO – architect
• Birgit Lohmann, editor-in-chief designboom
• Christine Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, NFDA
• Ang Ziqian , Founder, ACM FOUNDATION
• Lee Poh Wah, Chief Executive Officer, LIEN FOUNDATION


The results will be announced at the 2013 NFDA International Convention & Expo, Austin, Texas 20-23 October 2013 (2013 NFDA Convention).
The cash prize awards will be presented to the winners at the Convention.

The winners will be invited and required to attend the Convention to present their works. The cost of one (1) economy class air ticket from the winner’s home country to Austin, TX, will be covered and accommodation will be provided.

Design Challenge:

Design for Death seeks architects, designers and creative talents worldwide
to push the boundaries of deathcare with fresh perspectives of how we interact with physical spaces and architecture in bereavement and remembrances.

The intersection of life and death takes place when the living gaze upon what used to be and face the reality of mortality. From the inner space of contemplation to the outward rituals of death and bereavement, these junctions of life and death occur in funeral homes, columbarium, crematorium, cemetery, memorials and places of remembrances.
While these places hold intensely personal and private moments, they also represent collective experiences of departure and remembrance. The intricate spatial links are meshed with the individuals’, societal and cultural emotions, beliefs and customs.

Using design and architecture to explore the relationship between physical spaces and death or bereavement, the competition puts forth the challenge to:

  • Reconstruct the spatial experience between death and bereavemen
  • Redefine the use of space for bereavement and remembrance and
  • Reimagine how deathcare can be transformed to mediate and improve the experience of bereavement, goodbyes and remembrance

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