Changing the Face 2013: Rotunda, Warsaw

Sponsor: Architizer

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Type: Open, international, 2 stage

Eligiblity: The competition is open to all persons who have knowledge of organizing space and the ability to solve the task and present it to the extent and in the form presented in Terms and Conditions. Participation may be individual, shared, or on behalf of a firm.

Fee: None

First Prize: $15,500 USD (PLN 50,000) and a built project
Additional Prizes: The Jury may grant equivalent awards at an amount of no less than $4,600 USD (PLN 15,000 ) to finalist in phase II of the competition. The pool of cash prizes and awards is $62,000 USD (PLN 200,000) gross.

Registration Deadline: 15 July, 2013

Phase 1 Submission Deadline: 19 August, 2013


Andrzej Bulanda – architect, OWSARP judge (Warsaw)
Konrad Kucza-Kuczyński – architect, OWSARP judge (Warsaw) – Chairman of the Jury
Michał Łojewski – graphic designer, developer of Bank PKO’s visual identity (Warsaw) 
Tomasz Marszałł – Marketing Director at PKO Bank Polski (Warsaw)
Maciej Miłobędzki – architect, OWSARP judge (Warsaw)
Marcin Mostafa – architect, OWSARP judge (Warsaw)
Grzegorz Piątek – architect/architectural critic (Warsaw)
Rafał Schurma – architect, Polish Green Building Council (Gliwice)
Włodzimierz Soboń – Strategic Program Director, DuPont (Warsaw)
Aleksandra Wasilkowska – architect, OWSARP judge (Warsaw)

Deputy Competiton Jurors:
Mateusz Świętorzecki – OWSARP architect (Warsaw)
Jan Belina Brzozowski – OWSARP architect (Warsaw)
Technical Advisor to the Jury:
Massimo Fucci – architect, DuPont.

Maciej Czeredys (architect)
Katarzyna Sadowy (architect, economist)

Design Challenge: The main goal of the Competition is to modernize and reface the existing ROTUNDA building in Warsaw, Poland, while creating an inviting public space around the Warsaw icon. Participants will remake the existing structure while maintaining its iconic form and status as a focal point in the city-center of Warsaw. Focus will be placed on integrating the structure with its surrounding urban fabric, as well as developing innovative sustainable design solutions to bring the historic icon into the 21st century. Beyond maintaining the historic qualities of Rotunda building, the modernization is planned to be ceritified with two out three systems – LEED, BREEAM or DGNB.

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