New Urban Project, Rostock, Germany

Sponsor: City of Rostock, Germany

Type: open, two-stage

Language: German

Eligibility: Architects and urban planners in the EWG (European Economic Community)

Fee: none

Competition administrator: (phase eins), Berlin


3 June 2013 – Documents available to registrants

1 July 2013 – Stage 1 submission deadline 


1. Prize 32 000,00 EUR
2. Prize 24 000,00 EUR
3. Prize 14 000,00 EUR
10.000,00 EUR for honorable mentions
  • Maik Buttler, Architekt, Rostock
  • Prof. Andreas Fritzen, Architekt/ Stadtplaner, Köln/ Bochum
  • Prof. Beate Niemann, Architektin/ Stadtplanerin, Düsseldorf/ Wismar
  • Klaus-H. Petersen, Architekt/ Stadtplaner, Lübeck
  • Prof. Kirsten Schemel, Architektin, Berlin

Design Challenge:

This is an ideas planning competition for an area of 3.7 hectares in downtown Rostock, Germany

To register, go to: