Lexington Town Branch Competition Symposium

Design Adds Value to the Commons: Five Landscape Architects Discuss the Importance of Good Design for Downtown Development

The University of Kentucky College of Design is hosting a design symposium in conjunction with Lexington’s Downtown Development Authority’s Town Branch Commons Design Competition.

On January 31st at 4pm at the Lexington Children’s Theatre, each of the five design firms shortlisted for the competition will speak to how the implementation of large-scale public projects can increase a city’s value, citing past commissions as examples.

The finalist design firms are:

• Inside Outside: Petra Blaisse, Amsterdam

• Coen + Partners, Minneapolis

• JDS Architects, Copenhagen

• Civitas, Denver


The Town Branch Commons competition solicited designs from some of the world’s best landscape architecture firms to design a public park downtown that follows the path of the historic Town Branch Creek that flows beneath Lexington’s streets.