2012 Chicago Prize Competition: Future Prentice

The 2012 Chicago Prize Competition: Future Prentice” received 71 entries from 13 countries. The subject of the competition was saving the Prentice Women’s Hospital, designed by Bertrand Goldberg. On November 15th, 2012, three winners and an honorable mention were unveiled, all from Chicago:

First Prize:

Project Title: The Buildings are sleeping, you should go and wake them up, she says.

Team: Cyril Marsollier and Wallo Villacorta

Second Prize:

Project Title: Superimpositions: Prentice as Additive Icon

Team: Noel Turgeon and Natalya Egon

Third Prize:

Project Title: Bridging Prentice

Team: James Wild, Lauren Haras, Katherine Lee, Andres Lemus, Tom Marquardt, Pedro Melis,

Saman Moayer, Kerry Rutz, Katelyn Smith, Ashley Wendela

Honorable Mention:

Project title: Project X

Team: Anja Buttolo, Tilmann Lohse, Priska Lohse, Michael Pancost