Collider Activity Center


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Type: Open, international, one-stage

Eligibility: Participants must be registered design professionals in their country of origin.

Fee: none

Languages: Bulgarian and English


12/1/2012 – Opportunity to meet with competition promoter during Sofia Architecture Week
2/15/2013 – Q/A period deadline via email
2/15/2013 – Registration deadline
2/28/2013 – Submission deadline


Total of € 25 000 to be divided up among five finalists. The promoter will take into consideration of the jury and chose one of the finalists for realization of the project.


International jury will nominate and award 5 projects. The jury will consist of architects from Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Bulgaria. The confirmed members of the jury so far are:


· Ivaylo Penchev, general manager of Walltopia (
· Georgi Stanishev, architect Projects GS (
· Atanas Panov, architect LP Group (
· WhAT Association, architects, 1 vote (

Judging criteria:

· Aesthetics and the architectural design concept of the Activity Center and surrounding park;
· Functionality of the design;
· Consistency with the requirements of the project assignment;
· Construction and technological possibility for execution of the project;
· Economic relevance/price of the construction

Design Challenge:

Walltopia was founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of artificial climbing walls and holds. Now the company is global leader in its field, supplying its products to every country in the world where climbing is popular – including all West European countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia,et. Starting with just 5 people, the company now employs over 300 people working in the areas of design, engineering, manufacturing and installing of the climbing walls. .

The next step in Walltopia’s development is to create sports and culture centers for active people. The first Collider Activity Center will be in Sofia, the subject of this competition. The aim of the Collider Activity Center is to gather in one place all activities of the dynamic people; to gather the sportsmen with the artists, the economists with the dancers and actors, the experienced with the dreamers.

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