Latrobe City: Transiting Cities – Low Carbon Futures




Sponsor: Office of Urban Transformations Research (OUTR), Melbourne, Australia

Type: Open, ideas, one-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: Design Professionals and Students

Group/Firm registration:

Early Bird Registration $75.00 AUD (Before Monday 29 October, 2012)
Late Registration $90.00 AUD (Tuesday 27 November, 2012)

Student Group Registration:

Early Bird Registration $50.00 AUD (Monday 29 October, 2012)
Late Registration $65.00 AUD (Tuesday 27 November, 2012)


29 October 2012 – Early registration deadline

30 November 2012 – Late registration deadline

30 November 2012 – Submission deadline


1st Prize – $15,000 AUD

2nd Prize – $3,500 AUD

3rd Prize – $2,500 AUD

Three honorable mentions

Design Challenge:

Produce intelligent innovative short and long-term transition strategies for an adaptive and vibrant regional centre.
Consider Latrobe city as a network of smaller townships which are individual and unique.
Develop an integrated vision for social, economic, environmental and infrastructural design outcomes.
Consider how to transform the region into an innovative hub for low carbon solutions.
Design strategies for new sustainable and alternative economies for the region.
Rethink the region as a self sustainable centre that seeks opportunities for increased export.
Rethink the region’s productive landscape and consider how it can transition into new types of production to benefit the community.

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