Change the Course: NYC Waterfront Construction Competition



Sponsor: New York City Economic Development Corporation

and Hudson River Park Trust

Type: open, EOI, 2-stage

Language: English

Fee: none

Eligibility: individuals and/or teams which can include policy experts, engineering firms, contractors, manufacturers, developers, construction managers, environmental engineers, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, or students, as well as other interested and concerned parties.


16 November 2012: Submissions due for Phase I

30 November 2012: Semifinalists announced

25 January 2013: Submissions due for Phase II

28 January – 31, 2013: Presentations to Selection Panel (to be scheduled individually)

February 2013: Awards announced

Selection process:

Submissions will be evaluated by an NYCEDC internal panel and an advisory committee consisting of members from the Hudson River Park Trust, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, academic Institutions, and engineering and construction professionals.

All proposals will be evaluated based upon the full scope of the competition goals and requirements as well as the quality and plausibility of the recommendations. Specifically, all responses will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Proposal completeness: the degree of completeness of the response in meeting the specific requirements and goals of the competition.

Cost savings achieved: shown through supporting documentation.

Feasibility of the proposal: the practicality of implementation and achievability of cost savings.

NYCEDC will select finalists to advance to Phase II of the competition. Selected finalists will be notified by email and will be given additional submission requirements for the Phase II submissions.


1. First Place: $50,000 (USD)

2. Second Place: $25,000 (USD)

3. Third Place: $15,000 (USD)

Design challenge:

One of NYC’s defining features is its diverse and expansive waterfront. A maritime city with 565 miles of waterfront, NYC has more shoreline than Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle combined. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has made the re-imagination and reactivation of New York’s “6th Borough” – the “Waterfront” – a central economic development priority. The City of New York has worked to transform its shoreline, creating jobs, building new parks, and cleaning its waterways. Despite this ongoing transformation, problems on the waterfront still remain. Nearly half of NYC’s 565 miles of shoreline is owned by the City and includes a wide range of structures, some of which are deteriorating. These structures will require rehabilitation or replacement in the coming years and decades. This work has become increasingly expensive, driven by the cost of materials, labor, outdated construction methods, technologies, regulations, and other factors. Through this Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI), NYCEDC is seeking competitive proposals that will change the course of waterfront construction and help the City of New York build and maintain waterfront infrastructure in the most cost effective and long-term sustainable manner. Submissions should provide creative approaches to address critical factors that drive the cost and duration of maritime construction in NYC. The winning submissions should generate meaningful cost savings and include a detailed plan outlining the steps required to implement the proposed solution.