Vltava riverbank Competition in Prague

Sponsor: Skanska Company

Organizers: reSITE, ARCHIP

Type: Open, International, ideas, two-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: Students and professionals, interdisciplinary teams encouraged


27 April 2012 – Registration deadline
14 May 2012 – Submission deadline for uploading digital file


1st Prize – € 3000
2nd Prize – € 2000
3rd Prize – € 1000

Preliminary Jury (first stage):

Ondrej Hofmeister
Jaroslav Andel
Adam Gebrian
Tomáš Hudeček
Igor Kovacevic
Henry Hanson

Final Jury (second stage):

Kate Orff
Alexandros Washburn
Jakub Cigler
Adam Gebrian
Igor Kovačević
Jan Skalický.

Design Challenge:

Competitors are asked to develop a new Vision Plan for this section of the riverfront that creates a unified experience, linking cultural, recreational, ecological, historical and economic opportunities.

Inventory and analysis of the river will reveal issues relative to access, cultural adjacency, transportation (over land and water), economics, development, post-industrial placelessness and pedestrian connection.

Successful proposals will deal with the river at a city/regional scale at a concept level in the following ways:


  • ecological
  • historical
  • recreational
  • educational
  • access and transportation
  • economic and development strategies


Website: www.resite.cz

For more information:

Lenka Šubrtová | reSITE PR |+420 602 213 814 | subrtova@mpr.cz