Klaksvik City Center Urban Design Competition

Sponsor: Municipality of Klaksvik, Faroe Islands

Type: Open, international

Languages: English, Faroese

Eligibility: Licensed architects

Fee: Approximately US$55


27 April 2012 – Submissions due in Faroe Islands!

Awards: Total of 800,000 DKK (US$140,000)


• Vibeke Lydolph Lindblad, Architect MAA

• Mikael Viderø, Architect, appointed by AF

• Gunnar Hoydal, Architect, appointed by AF

• Gunnvá vi› Keldu, Mayor of Klaksvík

• Au›unn Konradsson, Fisherman

• Óluva Klettskar›, Cand.Mag.

• Heri Hammer, Manager of the Technical Department

in Klaksvik

• Magnus Arge, Businessman

• Edward Fuglø, Artist

and Robert Th omassen, Architect AF,

Design Challenge:

Klaksvik is the second largest town in the Faroe Islands. The town center has an amazing location by the sea. Through this urban design competition, Klaksvík

Municipality wants to make the town the ideal location for industry, retail trade, and cultural events – as well as residential. The main site of the competition is a landfill on the bay,—an underused area (see above).

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