Home: For a $30,000 Single Occupancy Home within and Urban Area of a Developed Country

Sponsor: Building Trust International

Type: Open, international


Eligibility: Architects, students, home builders, engineers, etc.


Professional registration: £95.00 donation to fund Trust projects

Student registration: No fee


Professional Category:

1st Prize – Possibility of building the winning design

9 Honorable Mentions

Student Category

1st Prize – $500

4 Honorable Mentions


30 June 2012 – Registration deadline

31 July 2012 – Submission deadline

Site: Each contestant may choose their own site within a city of 100,000+

The design challenge

To design an affordable home for an individual. The profile of these users is not defined within the brief “we’re leaving it up to you” but as a guide they could be the elderly, physically or mentally impaired or homeless and looking for the opportunity to stop the cycle of living in debt.

Lack of provision of quality small scale housing stock in developed countries often means those that are most vulnerable in our society live in sub-standard living conditions. The HOME design competition hopes to shed light on this and open the doors to designers and house builders that want to make a difference.

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