The Harlem Edge / Cultivating Connections / Winners

ENYA Prize, $5000Sym’bio’pia

Ting Chin and Yan Wang, Linearscape Architecture, New York, NY, USA

2nd Prize, $2500: The Hudson Exchange

Eliza Higgins, Cyrus Patell, Chris Starkey, and Andrea Vittadini, Brooklyn, NY, USA

3rd Prize, $1000: Harlem Harvest

Ryan Doyle, Guido Elgueta, and Tyler Caine, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Student Prize, $1000: Stairway to Harlem

Daniel Mowery, Student of Architecture, University of Virginia, USA

Honorable Mentions:

Continuum, by Nasiq Khan, and Scott Brandi, Bayside, NY, USA

Subaqueous Promenade, by Doyoung Oh, and Jaemin Ha, London, United Kingdom/Boston, MA, USA

New Marine Transfer Station, by Yashar Ghasemkhani, Arash Mesbah, and Pooneh Sadrimanesh,

New York, NY, USA

Land Over Water Agro-Pavilion, by Michael C. Kilroy, and Jonathan Sampson, Students of

Architecture, University of New Mexico, USA

Greenhouse Transformer, by Dongwoo Yim, and Rafael Luna, PRAUD, Boston, MA, USA