Coworking Building (COB) Madrid 2011

Sponsor: Arquideas
Type: open, student
The purpose of this competition for students of architecture is to provide ideas 
for creating a coworking Building (COB), in the city of Madrid, Spain, focusing 
on collaborative approaches, flexibility, connectivity, accessibility, 
sustainability and energy efficiency.

Registration period: October 1st, 2011 to December 16th, 2011 
Deadline for Submissions of Proposals: January 20th, 2012 
Publication of the Results: March 1st, 2012

4700 euros in cash + Publication of awarded projects in Arquitectura Viva 
magazine and WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + 1 year free subscription to 
Arquitectura Viva magazine and WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + Free 
subscription to arquideasnetwork + Exhibition all projects

– Jordi Ludevid i Anglada, architect 
President of the Architect Associations Council of Spain (CSCAE) 
– Martha Thorne, urbanist 
Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize 
– Juan Antonio González Pérez, architect 
Associate Professor of Projects at ETSA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
– Beatriz Matos, architect 
Project Professor at Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) 
– Cristina Sánchez Rodríguez, student of architecture 
winner’s team representative of the TAP Santorini 2011 academic 

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