The Centre for Water Sensitive Cities Design Competition

Sponsor: Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Conference
Type of competition: Open, international
Language: English
Location: Melbourne, Australlia
Eligibility: This is a student competition comprising teams of up to five students each. All team members must be enrolled in a certified undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate program of study from between July and December 2011.
Registration Fee: None

5 December 2011 – Registration and submission deadline
Jury: WSUD Committee
Awards: $10,000 AUD
Design challenge:

Students will partner with members of the design profession to submit urban design proposals that clearly articulate water sensitive initiatives within the Maribyrnong Defence Site. This competition seeks to explore how one can create water sensitive spaces with a sense of place. We will do this by learning, developing, and testing the informed, intuitive, and technical languages of design – worked though urban context, architectural typologies, scientific credibility, and experiential relationships.