Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future

Sponsor: Fentress Architects
Type: Open, student, international, ideas
Language: English
Fee: Free
Eligibility: Open to graduate and undergraduate students actively enrolled and pursuing an architecture or engineering degree, as well as 2011 graduates.
31 October 2011 – Registration deadline
7 November 2011 – Question submission deadline
31 December 2011 – Design submission deadline
15 February 2012 – Winners announced
July 2012-2015 – Winning designs exhibited
Summer 2012 – Internship at Fentress Architects
First place – $10,000 prize (includes $3,000 cash, 4 week paid internship at Fentress Architects, airfare and lodging)
Second place – $1000
Third place – $500
Jury: Judging panel will be chosen by Fentress Architects and comprised of design and industry professionals from within and outside the company. Jury will be announced on the website in the fall of 2011.
Design Challenge: This competition will showcase imagined possibilities in airport design. The goal is to advance the concept of what the future could be… it’s an exciting and limitless destination. In the last 15 years, airports have experienced a resurgence of inspired design. Beautiful terminals with high-end retail and amenities make a traveler’s layover more pleasant and allow airlines to keep ticket costs down. Globalization is rapidly expanding the need for new airports and airport cities. These future airports will be the cornerstones of tomorrow’s economy, shaping emerging regions in the same way that cities of the past were shaped by their access to seaports and railways.
What is the future of airport design? How will the Airport of the Future look and function? The 2011 Fentress Global Challenge invites students to answer these questions through design.

Submission requirements: This is a digital competition; no hardcopies will be accepted. Participants must email their conceptual design to globalchallenge@fentressarchitects.com by the end of the day on December 31, 2011 (23:00 GMT)