Architypes 2011: Contest for Sustainable Architecture in Romania

Sponsor: Raiffeisen Bank
Type: Open, two-stage, international
Location: Various sites, Romania
Language: English
Fee: none
Eligibility: Open to students and professionals in architecture, planning, design, art, and related fields. Participation may be individual or in teams.
July 17, 2011 – Registration and stage I submission deadline
July 21-23 – Stage I judging
July 30 – Announcement of finalists
August 28 – Stage II submission deadline
September 3 – Announcement of winners
Stage I –
Finalists (10 selected) – 1,000 EUR each
Stage II-
1st Prize – 15,000 EUR
2nd Prize – 3,000 EUR
3rd Prize – 2,000 EUR
Popularity Prize – 2,000 EUR
Jacques Allard: Founder of European Architecture Foundation and CEO of Archi-Group, Belgium
Kai Uwe Bergmann: Partner and development director within Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmerk
Carlos Jimenez: Professor at Rice Architecture University in Houston, main architect within Carlos Jimenéz Studio and member in the jury of Pritzker Price, United States
Robert Kronenburg: Professor and architect doctor at the Architecture University in Liverpool, UK
Francoise Pamfil: Lector Doctor Architect at “Ion Mincu” Architecture and Town Planning University in Bucharest, General Manager for 3 international architecture contests AEEA_UAUIM_Lafarge, Romania
Serban Tiganas: Chairman of the Order of Architects in Romania, partner in Dico & Tiganas Architecture Office, Lector at the Architecture and Town Planning University in Cluj Napoca, Romania.
Eliza Yokina: Partner in SYAA Architecture office, Romania
Design Challenge:

ARCHETYPES 2011 is an international architecture contest for the public space in Romania, firstly held in 2010. It is an unique mechanism that reunites architects, local authorities, important companies, for an ambitious mission, that to improve the quality of life for the Romanian community.

Firstly, it is an open contest of creative yet functional ideas that can improve the social public space. Secondly, it reunites the most important towns in Romania that submit in the contest unexploited yet architecturally and socially potent locations. Subsequently, it invites architects, designers, environmental designers , to design their most interesting ideas in order to bring into existence pavilions that can can be architectural marks on one hand, and social and cultural public spaces on the other hand.

The organizers assume the responsibility to build at least one pavilion, that ranked on the first place. This initiative is unique as there are no other contests for open ideas in Romania where at least one idea is materialized and functional for 12 months.

Submission Requirements:

Stage I: The projects shall be presented in the format 70 x 100 cm, portrait page and shall include:
Format 1 – Situation plan with the indication of all accesses and vicinities – Plans for all relevant levels of the pavilion by mentioning the surfaces – 1 or 2 relevant sections – 2 or more relevant facades
Format 2 – views of axonometric plans, at the contestant’s choice; – explanations on the solutions by text and graphical schema: concept, structure, materials and technology, scale 1:500 or 1:1000; construction, placement or ground anchorage. The texts shall be drafted in English.

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