Taiwan Tower International Competition

Sponsor: Taichung City Government
Type: Open, two-stage
Language: English and Chinese
Fee: None
A. Single tender or joint tender by Taiwanese tenderers
B. Single tender oe joint tender by International tenderers
C. Joint tender by International and Taiwanese tenderers
29 August 2011 – Stage One submission deadline
02 September 2011 – Announcement of shortlist
09 November 2011 – Stage Two submission deadline
11 November 2011 – Anouncement of winners
Shortlist tenderers (no more than five) – NT$1,500,000 each (Approx. US$50,000)
Winner – Included in the first payment of the contract
Yu-Chien Ann (Taiwan)
Marcos Cruz (UK)
Chao-Lee Kuo (Taiwan)
Sheng-Fong Lin (Taiwan)
Shuenn-Ren Liou (Taiwan)
Hidetoshi Ohno (Japan)
Adele Naude Santos (USA)
Design Challenge:
To commemorate the centennial of the founding of Taiwan, R.O.C., the governmnent is planning to erect a “Taiwan Tower” as an important landmark within the newly-designated special municipality of Taichung. Taiwan Tower is to be located at the southern tip of Taichung Gateway Park, which is part of the former Taichung (Shuinan) Airport site, Taichung City. The project will comprise of Taiwan Tower and the Museum of Taichung City Development. Though not aiming to compete in height with other towers of the world, in principle the observatory of Taiwan Tower should provide visitors with a view of the Taiwan Strait. The height is planned to be at least 300 meters in principle.

For more information, go to: www.TwTower.com.tw