Parque de la Ciudadania at National Stadium

Sponsor: National Institute of Sports of Chile
Type: Open International Two-stage
Location: Santiago de Chile
Language: Spanish
Fee: Free
Eligibility: teams coordinated by professional architects or landscape architects.
June 6, 2011 – Competition Request for Proposals made available.
June 27, – Questions deadline
July 4 – Submittal of answers and clarification
August 25 – Stage One submission deadline
September 14 – Posting of results of shortlisted selection
November 14 – Preliminary Projects submittal deadline
December 2 – Winner Announcement
Awards Stage One:
$43,000 (US dollars) each for three shortlisted teams
$587,000 (US dollars) awarded to the winning team.
A panel form by government authorities, Chilean and international architects and landscape architects.
Design Challenge:
The goal of this competition is to generate a new public park on 64 hectares (157 acres) of the National Stadium of Chile in Santiago.  Facing the South American Games ODESUR 2014, the Chilean government is looking for a landscape project that creates a unique park and design that integrates the existing sports facilities and this place with the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. The competition also aims to explore new programmatic opportunities to enhance the public realm condition of the place.
Submission Requirements:
Physical and electronic submission of two 30×40 boards (90×110 cm)
CD with site plan, texts, perspective images and optional illustrations.
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