Center for Urban Farming

Sponsor: Suckerpunch
Type: Open International Ideas
Location: New York
Language: English
$35 before May 23
$65 after May 23
Eligibility: No restrictions
May 13, 2011 – Questions deadline
August 14 – Registration deadline
August 22 – Submission deadline
September 5 – Winners announced
$2,500 total in prizes
Robert Brackett, ffflourish
Lonn Combs, Easton + Combs
Abigail Coover, Hume Coover Studio
Anna Dyson, Center for Architecture and Biology
Jose Gonzalez, Softlab
Nathan Hume, Hume Coover Studio
Sean Lally, Weathers
Ronnie Parsons, Studio Mode
Mike Szivos, Softlab
Keith Vandersys, Peg Office of Landscape and Architecture
Design Challenge:
This open international ideas competition is for a Center for Urban Farming. This center will experiment with a small farm within New York City while also developing programs and serving as an educational hub for the promotion of urban agriculture.
Submission Requirements:
Digital submission of two 18×24 boards