Taichung Gateway Park (Re-Announcement)

Sponsor: Taichung City Government
Type: Two-stage Open International
Location: Taiwan
Language: English and Chinese
Fee: Free
Eligibility: Landscape architects
May 6, 2011 – Question deadline
June 30 – Stage one submission deadline
July 5 – Shortlist announced
July 22 – Site visit
October 4 – Stage two submission deadline
October 7 – Winner announced
$50,000 each for up to five finalists
Design Challenge:
Besides offering extensive and winding green open space, Taichung Gateway Park will be developed as an eco-park. Utilizing renewable energies and an intelligent park management system, Taichung Gateway Park will play a pivotal role toward a successful overall development of Taichung Gateway City. To this end, an international competition is being held to solicit visionary and innovative planning and landscaping proposals from the best design firms home and abroad.
Submission Requirements:
Physical submission of design concept of less than 40 pages and tenderer profile of less than 20 pages
For more information, go to: http://www.TGPark.com.tw

Email: barry-cheng@umail.hinet.net