Competition for a New Urban Area in Koge, Denmark

Sponsors:  Koge Kommune,

Type: open, international, 2-phase

Language: Danish, English

Eligibility: Danish and international teams

Registration Fees: none

Awards: Compensation for competition phase and design commission winner

9 December 2009 – Deadline for pre-qualification application
January 2010 – 5 to 7 teams selected for pre-qualification

Jury: to be announced

Design Challenge:  An urban development area covering almost 24 hectares.  The development is to reinforce Koge’s regional role and open the town towards the Oresund.  Koge has a strong infrastructural position, which will be further improved in the immediate future through the upgrading of public transport via the new rail link to Koge and the establishment of the Fernern bride connection.

The objective of the parallel competition is a consolidated development plan for the three sub-areas in the Koge Kyst project, and for the relationship between these areas and their neighboring areas – particularly the historical center of the town.  Over the coming 20 years, more than 300,000 square meters of newly built floor space will be established for residences, office and retail trade premises, cultural facilities and public and private service

Pre-qualification Requirements:
Describe the experience and competences of the participating team in the following areas
-Development of cultural and leisure facilities/activities
– Development of concepts for – and the localization – of premises for retail
trade and other commerce
-Preparation of plans for traffic and infrastructure, and models for parking
– Urban development, urban renewal and urban lifestyle
– Collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders and citizens
– Sustainability – from the perspectives of the environment, health/social
welfare, and finance.
– Insight into the financial aspects of major urban development projects

– State relevant contact information
– Provide information about relevant assignments that the team has completed, with details of both customer and staff.
– Provide information about the employees who will be personally involved in the Køge Kyst assignment – if the team passes pre-qualification – and attach CVs for these people.
– Describe the interdisciplinary composition and internal organisation of the team. In addition, the application is to confirm that the team management will perform the assignment and personally participate in the selected arrangements in Køge.
– State how the fee will be divided between the team members during the two phases of the project.
– State the specific experience of the team with dialogue collaboration with stakeholder groups such as those that are to be involved in the work pursuant to the project timetable.
– Fill no more than 20 pages in A4 format, or 10 pages in A3 format.
– Be submitted in 6 copies, both in hard copy format and electronically.

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