PlasticCity FantasticCity Ideas Competition

Sponsor: Editors of Lanscape Architecture Journal; Kerb18

Type: Open

Language: English

Eligibility:  Design teams must be multidisciplinary with at least one landscape architecture student, professional or academic with a maximum of five members and a minimum of one.

Registration Fees:
Students: $50 AUD
Academics/Professionals: $100 AUD

1st place: $6,000 AUD + 10 page spread in KERB18 journal
2nd place- $3,000 AUD + 5 page spread in KERB18 journal
3rd place- $1,000 AUD + 5 page spread in KERB18 journal

The top 20 designers will have their submissions published as part of the KERB18 journal.

Time Line:
18 December 2009 – Registration Deadline
18 January 2010 – Submission Deadline
Late January – Jury meeting and decision

Mélanie Mignault
Georges-Étienne Parent
Claude Cournoyer
Michel Langevin
Josée Labelle
Mathieu Casavant
Ma Yansong
Elizabeth Delfs

Design Challenge
:  Sameness is consuming us… We can see it everywhere in rapidly growing cities that place priority on economy, law enforcement, transport logistics and urban sprawl. Such concentration on these areas is causing a loss of identity and an increase in similarity and repetitiveness. How can playful moments be injected into the urban fabric?

Imagine the limitless world of a child. Creative boundaries have not yet been conceived, limits not yet understood. Kerb18 wants to see your city in all its wildness. A child can compose a world of immeasurable fantasy and pleasure yet the regulations that we currently adhere to have diminished our ability to make this our reality

PlastiCity FantastiCity is remodeling the constructed city at any chosen scale to become a world of playful opportunity, where nothing that manifests itself in today’s cities is present. This ideas competition seeks a multidisciplinary approach to discover new potentials and possibilities within the world and in particular for the Landscape Architecture profession.

Submission Requirements:
Submission is to be a maximum two AO .PDF panels (1189mmx841mm), landscape or portrait uploaded to the competition website as a single PDF that must not exceed 8MB.

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