Steel Student Trophy 09/10 – Self-Service Train Station

Sponsor: Austrian Steel Association

Type: International, Student, 1-stage

Languages: German, English

Eligibility: Students living outside of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland should inquire if they are eligible to participate.

Team Composition: The participation of at least one student of architecture and one student of engineering is required.

Time Table
1 October, 2009 – Competition brief available
1st Prize: 4,000 Euro
2nd Prize: 3,000 Euro
3rd Prize: 2,000 Euro

Site: Bruck an der Leitha, Austria

Design Challenge:
To design a prototypical self-service train station with a modular, innovative structural component.  The goal of the competition is to develop a prototypical design for small train stations.  The use of steel as a structural element is an important component of the competition.  The principles of economic efficiency and sustainability are an essential part of the competition. 

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