Mark of Dreams: UNESCO’s DREAM Center Logo Competition

Mark of Dreams: UNESCO’s DREAM Center Logo Competition

Sponsors: UNESCO, DESIGN21

Type: open

Language: English

Eligibility: all registered members of DESIGN 21 at least 18 years of age

Registration Fee: None

Overall Winner – $3,000

17 November 2008 – Submission Deadline

Judging will be done by the directors and organizers of the DREAM Center program with assistance by members of DESIGN 21’s Advisory Board.  Names to be announced.

Design Challenge:This competition calls for a logo that represents the DREAM Center program of the UNESCO/Tribute 21 Fund.  The logo is intended to be used on the program’s stationery, brochures, and collateral materials including possibly in video clips, on signage and on the web. The logo must include these words only: “DREAM Center”. The entry should include both a black and white and a color version.

Submission Requirements:
Entries are limited to text, images and video/audio files only. Entries that direct users away from the DESIGN 21 website will be disqualified. See the “How To Enter” Rules one the website for full details on file type, size and number constraints and recommendations.  Include in the submission a description of up to 400 words, and a maximum of six images, jpegs only,  no larger than 550 x 550 pixels with a resolution of 72 dpi.  At least one image must be uploaded.  Additionally, one 480 x 320 pixel video file (optional) or one sound file (optional) may be submitted.

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