Bienal Miami+Beach 2009 Competition

Sponsor: Government of the Atlantic Department, the School of Architecture, Art and Design and the Architecture program at the Autonomous University of the Caribbean

Type: open, international

Language: English, Spanish

Eligibility: architects, urbanists, artists, and interior designers

Registration fee:
$20 – early registration
$30 – registration
$40 – late registration

11 September, 2009 – early registration deadline
1 October, 2009 – registration deadline
23 October, 2009 – late registration deadline
30 October, 2009 – submission deadline
21 November, 2009 – awards ceremony

Jury: To be announced

Design Challenge:
The competition seeks ideas for the entry to the city of Barranquila, Colombia via the Pumarejo bridge on the Magdalena river.
The Caribbean Region, and each of its territories and localities, holds its own identity, both individual and collective in nature. Sensual qualities abound in the appearance of its people, the sounds of their musical notes, the aromas of their cuisine and the panoply of colors covering its landscapes. The constant relationship of artistic and spatial creations with the region’s surreal tropical world projects a unique character deeply conformed by it its mestizo heritage, its dynamic and colorful surroundings, and devotion to organic and vernacular materials.

Submission Requirements:
– Site Plan
– Accessibility Plan
– Architectural Plan
– Structural Plan
– Longitudinal and Transversal cross-sections
– All four (4) facades
– Perspectives
– Descriptive analysis the previously mentioned components

Submissions may be mounted on board or rolled in a tube. (International participants are advised to send submissions rolled in a tube to prevent damage at customs)

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