The Gateway to Milan Competition

Sponsor: Esercizi Aeroportuali-S.E.A

Type: open, international, 2-phase

Eligibility: students, professional architects and designers

Those teams invited to participate in phase 2 of  the competition but are not awarded the contract will receive an expense refund of 15,000EUR.

21 September, 2009 – submission deadline

Sandrina Bandera
Mario Bellini
Gianpetro Borghini
Gregorio Caccia Dominioni
Arnaldo Pomodoro

Design Challenge:
“La Porta di Milano” will be a unique, iconic work, the ideal mix of art and architecture by which Milan will greet the entire world in a brand new way: an emotional, memorable gateway of such striking aesthetics as to make a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of travelers.

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