Concours Design 2010

Sponsor: Cinna, Maison Francaise

Type: open, international, 1-stage

Language: French

Eligibility: all French and foreign designers under 30 years old, students or professionals

Registration fee: none

1st Prize – 4,000 EUR
2nd Prize – 2,000 EUR
2 October, 2009 – submission deadline
early November, 2009 – meeting of the jury
December, 2009 – result publication

Alexandra d’Arnoux, executive editor of Maison Française
Anne Chabrol, editor of Maison Française
Michel Roset, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cinna
2 designers (in 2008, Pascal Mourgue and Eric Jourdan)
Laizé Gerard, Director of Via
Chantal Hamaide, Director Intramuros
Laurent Blanc, director of Ideat
Marie Montuiri, editor-in-chief

Design Challenge:
The competition aims to allow young designers to offer their thoughts on accessories for the home today, taking into account new ways of life. For this third edition, the general theme that must be taken into account in the projects: new materials and new technologies.

Projects should relate to one of the two categories: a) Lights Streetlights, lamps or sconces to ask for the Habitat home. It is, in this case, asked of the designers to take into account new legislation on incandescent lamps and offer new fixtures incorporating light sources. B)Small furniture  – includes coffee tables, pedestal tables, sofa and bits of that specific functional furniture (for HI-FI / VIDEO, CD – DVD, coat storage, small storage, etc ….)

Submission Requirements:
– concept description
– renderings illustrating design intentions
– model photos (optional)

Participants are asked to submit a A3 sheet summarizing the project, this sheet is intended to be conveyed to the jury before the judging. It should also be indicated whether any models or prototypes are available – those will then be requested at the final stage of selection. A curriculum vitae of the creator should also be attached to the application.

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