The River City of Banjarmasin Competition

Sponsor: The Government of Banjarmasin City

Type: open, international

Eligibility: All professional urban planners/designers, landscape architects, architects, and engineers- in team or individual. The participants are encouraged to form multidisciplinary groups with a wide range of expertise. Each group should consist of a maximum of 6 people.

Registration fee: $50

1st Prize – $10,000
2nd Prize – $5,000
3rd Prize – $3,500
2 Honorable Mentions – $1,500

18 July, 2009 – registration deadline
17 September, 2009 – submission deadline
21 October, 2009 – winners announced

Design Challenge:
The final result of the competition is the planning concept for Banjarmasin city development that is based on the river system. It will use technical development and detail design in the implementation of sustainable development of the city, in accordance with the Indonesian government rules and laws. It will also support Banjarmasin to achieve its vision and mission as the Metropolitan city based on the river system.

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