Newark Visitors Center Competition

Sponsor: AIA Newark Suburban

open, international, 1-stage


Eligibility: all international interested parties, regardless of age, discipline or professional status. Students are encouraged to enter.

Registration fee:
$150 – for professionals
$75 – for students

1st Prize – $10,000
2nd Prize – $7,000
3rd Prize – 3,000
Honorable Mention – $1,000


31 August, 2009 – registration deadline
15 October, 2009 – submission deadline
January 2010 – awards ceremony

Jury: To be announced

Design Challenge:
NVC is an international design competition focused on enhancing the progress of future endeavors in Newark, NJ while celebrating its past. All of the most significant cities in America include some sort of visitor’s hub that welcomes and funnels countless people through to their restaurants, civic marvel, and cultural/community events. This new structure would facilitate further progress and highlight all of Newark’s hidden gens and main attractions alike. The space shall boast an eclectic, sustainable program, becoming its very own destination spot.

Submission Requirements:
Competitors shall submit two digital files for 40″ x40″ boards, labeled A and B, that illustrate their project.
-Plan(s) of proposed design of the Newark Visitor Center
-Two perspective views
-Two Sections
Additional drawings and diagrams may be included to further illustrate proposals in terms of infrastructure/context/approach.
A text statement of no more than 250 words describing the project concept and design intent must be incorporated onto one of the boards.
Files must be uploaded in the following formats:
Two 40″ x 40″ PDF files, 300 dpi, 10MB maximum size for each file  (primary files for printing boards)
Two 800 x 800 pixel JPEG files, 200 dpi, 1.5MB maximum size for each file (files for online exhibition and publication)
One 100 x 100 pixel JPEG file, 200 dpi, 50K max size (image DETAIL of your choice from either board for online thumbnail)
One Microsoft Word compatible (.doc) file, 50K maximum size (project description in 250 words or less)
For PDF files, graphics should be set to 300 dpi/ppi.

For more information, go to: