Ideas Competition for the Bering Strait Project Announces Winners

The Bering Strait Project International Ideas Competition recently announced the winning concepts in the professional and student categories. The Bering Strait Project attempts to span the Bering Strait between Russia and the United States via a bridge or a tunnel which would create an overland connection linking Asia, Africa and Europe with North America and South America.

1st Prize (USD 55,000):

Diomede Archipelago: TALLER 301 – Julian Restrepo (Colombia), Pablo Forero (Colombia), Manuela Mosquera (Colombia), Susana Somoza (Venezuela), Tomas Jaramillo (Colombia)

2nd Prize (each USD 25,000):

Bering Strait: Rachdi Manal (France), architecture OFF (France)

Bridge the Memory: Jaeik Sim (Republic of Korea), Hyunwook Woo (Republic of Korea), Daekwon Park (Republic of Korea), Jonghyuk Lim (Republic of Korea), Dongjin Lee (Republic of Korea)

Imprinted Time: Jitaek Shim (Republic of Korea), Sung Hoon Chung (Republic of Korea), Seung Youp Lee (Republic of Korea), Seung Hwan Shim (Republic of Korea), Sung Gi Park (Republic of Korea)

3rd Prize (each USD 10,000)

Entanglement: Evelyn Alonso (Spain), Sara Sarmiento (Spain), Manuel Perez (Spain)

Nebula: Marek Rytych (Poland), Krzysztof Kryska (Poland), Malgorzata Piotrowska (Poland), Pasternak Karol (Poland), Radek Tabor (Poland)

Honorable Mention

Connect Five: Jessica Liew (Australia), Clare Kwok (Australia), Zi Yang Boon (Australia), Elissa Loh (Australia), Irene Ng (Australia)

Diomede Plane: zerOgroup [Laurent Troost] (Brazil)

Light of Peace: Jacob Forsberg (Sweden), Helen Hallberg (Sweden)

Suspended Time: Ben Addy (United Kingdom)