Creation of a Conceptual Lighting Solution for Memorial Structures Competition

Type: open, international, 1-stage

Language: Languages: Maltese. Portuguese. Swedish. German. Polish. Slovenian. Slovak. Danish. Czech. Latvian. French. Italian. Lithuanian. Finnish. Estonian. Spanish. Hungarian. English. Greek. Dutch. Other: All of the above with translations of all documents in Macedonian language.

Registration fee: 50EUR

Eligibility: architects and engineers

Awards: 5,700EUR

11 August, 2009 – submission deadline

Design Challenge:
1. Urban technical solution 1:500 and 1:1000.
2. Bases of the memorial monuments with the stands 1:100.
3. Sections – at least two (2) 1:100.
4. All views 1:100.
5. Choice of lights and type of lightening.
6. 3D portrait: at daytime and nighttime conditions.
7. Calculation of the use of electrical power and energy efficiency.
8. Connection detail with the existing electric power network.
9. Elaboration on and analysis of the concept.
6. 3D renderings: at least three of the exterior and two of the interior architectonic spaces.
7. Photo-edit of the assigned photograph.
8. Elaboration of the idea, analysis of the concept.
9. Essay, written description of the solution (maximum 2 000 characters).
10. Feasibility of the solution and energy efficiency of the object.

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