Dance School for Moulin Rouge Competition


Type: open

Language: English

$100 (early bird – from May 1st to May 28th 2009)
$150 (from May 29th to June 29th)
$200 (from June 30th to July 30th 2009)

Architects and landscape architects from all around the world; individuals or multidisciplinary teams (6 members at most). Architecture students are also eligible, but only under the direction of a licensed architect.

1st Prize – $3,000
2nd Prize – $1,000

31 July 2009 – registration deadline
10 August 2009 – proposal submission deadline
11 – 20 August 2009 – jury evaluations
21 August 2009 – winners announced
September 2009 – Paris exhibition

Julien Rousseau – architect
Jean Luc Pehau Ricau – Moulin Rouge Communications Director
Patrick Le Mahec – philosopher and director of communication

Design Challenge:
For its “PARIS2009” Competition, ARQUITECTUM proposes a reinterpretation of “the new Moulin Rouge”, the most famous cabaret in the world and a symbol of what is an important aspect of Parisian life.

In a quest for the perfect show, ARQUITECTUM proposes the design of a new space incorporating the latest tendencies for the dance school and all its installations.

The new building should reflect the history of the site, while bearing in mind that many visitors will come wanting to be surprised. It will have to be connected with the area that is currently used for the main shows and as a restaurant. It will include a basic program occupying a constructed area of no greater than 3,000 sq. m. and will include a dance school, bookstore, amphitheater, museum and administration space.

Submission Requirements:
Participants should include their proposal, which should consist of 1 digital image that can be viewed easily within the horizontal format of a computer screen. Inclusion of the following information is also recommended: main concept of the project, plans, sections, sketches or perspectives.

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