Duisburg Riverport Competition

Sponsor: City of Duisburg

Type: RFQ – Up to 15 participants

Language: German

Eligibility: EU landscape architects and planners
(five local firms are being invited)

Shortlist criteria: Applicants must show at least completion of two similar projects of not less than 4,000,000 EUR.

1st prize – 26 000 EUR;
2nd prize – 18 000 EUR;
3rd prize – 11 000 EUR.
Honorable mentions – 10 000 EUR. total

14 May 2009 – Deadline for submission of expression of interest

Design challenge:

To create a plan for new facilities and a landscape plan for an area near Mercator Island, including ampitheater, restaurant, etc.

For information go to: http://www.competitionline.de/3016395/

Email: mbusche@schuessler-plan.de.