2009 Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition

Type: Open

1st place   one / 2,000,000 yen + gift
2nd place   two / 300,000 yen + gift
Honorable Mention   four / 100,000 yen + gift
Special prize   ten / 50,000 yen

3 August 2009 – submission deadline
31 October 2009 – final screenings held
December 2009 – winners announced

Design Challenge:
Applicants are to propose community gathering spaces that meet the requirements of specific places, scales, and mechanisms, approaching the theme from the standpoint of architectural solutions for the present and the future.

The following must be included with an application: Floor plan, cross section, site plan (at any scale), and perspective diagram or photo of model. Applicants are free to add charts, diagrams and descriptive text to help describe their proposals. Descriptive texts must be within 100 words.

Applicants must complete all drawings, illustrative matter, and texts on one sheet of thick drawing paper (600mm×840mm). They may use blueprint, pencil, ink, color, and photographs.

On the back of an entry, applicants must attach a piece of paper bearing their name, address, age, telephone or fax number, and e-mail address. Also they must indicate the name, address, and telephone or fax number of their school or place of employment. In the case of group applications, applicants should provide the same information and indicate one individual as the representative of the group.

Toyo Ito
Masaru Okamoto
Riken Yamamoto
Kiyoshi Sakurai
Taro Ashihara
Kengo Kuma
Kunito Takahashi

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