Gimme Shelter – City of Phoenix National Design Ideas Competition for Urban Shade Structures

Gimme Shelter – City of Phoenix National Design Ideas Competitionfor Urban Shade Structures

Sponsor: The City of Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture

Type: Open, Two-Stage

Category: Regional

Eligibility: All designers based in the U.S.

Entry Fee: None

Jury: Not Yet Announced


Registration: March 18, 2009

Submission: April 30, 2009

Design Challenge:

  • Designers are urged to invent new forms for built shade. Beauty, scale, functionality and durability are essential criteria. Designers should consider how southern, western, eastern overhead and low-angle (late day/early morning) exposures require different forms and approaches. Designers should also consider the merits of combining built shade with living shade. Designers should propose materials that minimize the transmission of heat, both from the shelter and from the surrounding ground. Plastics, fiberglass and other materials prone to disintegrate in sunlight should not be considered. The use of sustainable materials is also encouraged. Materials and finishes should be durable, easy to maintain and graffiti resistant. The integration of solar panels in the design is encouraged for night time lighting where appropriate. The City is seeking ideas both for streetscape shade and for open spaces, such as parks.

    Designers will compete anonymously in a two-stage design process. In Stage 1, designers will submit concepts. A selection committee will review the concepts and recommend up to five designers to proceed to Stage 2. During the second stage, the finalists will be paid up to $6,000 to further develop detailed designs and models. The selection panel will interview the finalists and review their proposals before making its final decision. The panel may recommend more than one winning design. Winners will be contracted to develop construction documents and fabricate a site-specific shelter. Additional shelters may be fabricated and installed as more sites are identified citywide. All designs will be considered for inclusion in an exhibition of proposals submitted for this project.

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