Faro’s Island: An Open International Urban Design Competition

Location: Faro’s Island, Formosa River branch and Faro international airport, Protugal
Type: Open, International
Language: Protuguese
Eligibility: The competition is open to all Portuguese registered architects with approved university/college education, and all foreign architects and landscape architects thatmeet the educational requirements, according with Directive 2005/36/EC of 7th September 2005 / Chapter III.
The design team must forcibly include an architect, a landscape architect, a structures engineer, a geologist and a biologist.
12 November 2008 – Registration/Submission deadline
1st prize …………..….. 15 000 Euros €
2nd prize……………….. 10 000 Euros €
3rd prize……………….. 5 000 Euros€
‘Two Honorable Mentions’ in an amount of 1250 Euros each.
Design Challenge:
The design proposals must establish a whole definition of the intentions for the area as well as establish the design environments. After the results of the international competition there will be further plans for development. These future plans, to develop in a short and medium term, are set by a fundamental strategy in the first plan: the development goals are to be done in several stages/ by sectors in a way that it will be possible to make a plan and progressively fulfil it. It is supposed to be an integrated process of the intervention—in space and time.
The solution must give special care to the accessibilities (on foot, by bicycle, by private cars, by public transport) and must reinforce the natural connection between the built facilities/construction and the beach.
Registration and digital attachments can be ordered by mail, fax or e-mail to the hereunder address, AFTER, PREVIOUSLY, FILLING REGISTRATION FORM (A)
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