Museo Diocesano



arch. Josep Llinás Carmona (Spagna) – capogruppo

ing. Carlo Valagussa

Gilles Clément, dott. Giovanni Valagussa, ing. Giulio Boati (consulenti)



TYPE: Restricted, international, 1-stage, RfQ

LOCATION: Milan, Italy

LANGUAGES: Italian, English


05 Jun 2007 – RfQ Submission Deadline

19 Jun 2007 – 10 Finalists Announced

25 Jun 2007 – Inquiries Deadline

11 Jul 2007 – Answers Posted

09 Oct 2007 – Submission Deadline

23 Oct 2007 – Winner Announced

ELIGIBILITY: open to professional architects and engineers worldwide

JURY: President, Giovanni Oggioni (Director, City of Milan Design Competitions Office); Prof. Paolo Biscottini (Director, Diocesan Museum); Gaetano Brambilla (Engineer, Representative of the Province of Milan Institute of Engineers); Marco Brandolisio (Architect, Representative of the Province of Milan Institute of Architects, City Planners and Landscape Architects); Mario Brianza (Engineer, S. Ambrogio Foundation Board Member); Luigi Caccia Dominioni (Architect); Giuseppe Marinoni (Architect); Umberto Riva (Architect); Prof. Francesco Venezia (Architect)

REIMBURSEMENT: Each prequalified designer who has duly submitted the materials required on time will be entitled to reimbursement of expenses in the amount of €18,000 gross.

AWARDS: The winner of the Competition will receive the sum of €30,000 gross as a prize, which will be considered an advance on the professional fee payable for the design work. Subsequently the winner will receive the final design development commission.


The City of Milan announces an International Design Competition, to be held by restricted procedure in a single anonymous stage with prequalification of entrants for the drawing up of a preliminary design for the Diocesan Museum.


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