Golden Capital 2007 – Summer Pavilion Competition


The competition gathered 102 projects from 32 countries and 59 cities of the world.

The Winner:

Berenika Boberska from USA, Santa Monica




Center of Architectural Communication


Open, international, RfP


Novosibirsk, Siberia


Russian, English


31 Aug 2007 – Inquiries Deadline

07 Oct 2007 – Registration Deadline

07 Oct 2007 – Submission Deadline

20 Oct-11 Nov 2007 – Jury Deliberations

18 Nov 2007 – Results Announced

02-07 Dec 2007 – Awards Ceremony and Exhibit


Architects, designers and artists


To Be Announced


Winner – 40,000 roubles and the opportunity to put into practice the Pavilion project for the summer phase of the Regional Festival of Architecture and Design




The regional Festival of architecture and design, ‘The Golden Capital,’ is aimed at concentrating at the common ground the best regional architects and designers, and also to overgrow the framework of shop talk, creating the open space for the communication between professionals and the local community.

In connection to this the Festival events are going to be divided into two phases: winter and summer, each having its own special features:

The winter (main) phase is going to be maximally full framework for professional and inter-professional interactions: specialized competition shows, installations, forums, master-classes, etc.

The summer phase is directed at the development of contacts with the interested community outside of the trade in order to draw maximal attention of the city dwellers to architecture and design, and of architects and designers to the city and its dwellers. All of the events of the given phase will be thematically directed at the “city” problematic, at finding ways for joint creativity and the activity aimed at improvement of life in modern city space.

These purposes are also achieved by the creation of the Summer Pavilion of Architecture and Design, the symbol of the Festival in 2008. The Pavilion is going to be realized in Novosibirsk using the winner’s project. It will serve as the space for the events of the summer phase in the regional Festival of Architecture and Design ‘The Golden Capital 2008’

The Pavilion is supposed to be placed in one of the central parks of Novosibirsk or on the city pier. The Pavilion is going to function as the space for: the constant Exhibition, master-classes, round tables, creative breakfasts and buffet lunches, video demonstrations, etc. – the list of events is open, and the Program of Events is one of the objectives of the competition.


Oleg Zenkov or Svetlana Pogrebnaya

Tel: 007 383 299 52 66