Development Plan for Carlsberg Breweries Site

First prize received 130,000 euro:

“Our Space” by Entasis, Copenhagen

5 second prize winners received 50,000 euro each:

”The Serpent in the Garden of Eden” by Henning Larsen Arkitekter, Denmark

”carlsberg_connected” by ATELIER LOIDL Landscape Architect + EU Architects and Urban Planners, Berlin.

“laboremus pro people” by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT Arquitectes, Barcelona.

”_side by side” by a-up, Hannover

“Time will tell” by Alberto Álvarez Agea, Ana Zazo Moratalla, Manuel Álvarez-Monteserín La Hoz, Ana Penalba Estebanez, Maria Mallo Zurdo, Madrid.

5 purchases received 5,000 euro each:

”the new summer – the hundred year museum” af Kaputt, Lisboa

”[sub] kultur” af hs white arkitekter a/s, Copenhagen.

“carlsberg ground floor CPH” af SLA Arkitekter a/s, Copenhagen

“Thousands of Years from now they will come!” af Andrés Perea Ortega, architect, Madrid

“time and sound” af Jesus Garcia Guijarro, Barbara Grasia Sos, Rocio Camacho Camara. Madrid

Member of the jury Rurd Gietema from Rotterdam presented and motivated the choices.