2008 BIRDHOUSE COMPETITION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OBJECT OF THE COMPETITION The global environment is transforming continuously. Human inhabitant environment is encountering enormous challenges. This competition provides an opportunity to consider an inhabitant pattern throug THEME The earth is our nest Prizes Gold Prize (1) Certification and 30,000 RMB each Silver Prize (2) Certification and 10,000 RMB each Bronze Prize (5) Certification and 5,000 RMB each Honorable Mention (15) Certification and Award JURY Jury Head:Kenji Ekuan (Industrial Designer, Japan) Jury Members (alphabetically): Angelo Cortesi (Industrial Designer, Italy) Atsushi Deguchi (Professor, Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University, Japan) Hirofumi Sugimoto (Professor, Tokai University, Japan) Jiang Xu (President, China Academy of Art, China) Shouhei Fukui (Chief Planner, Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan) Yung Ho Chang (Head and Professor, Department of Architecture, MIT, USA) Zhiqiang Wu (Chief Planner, Expo 2010 Shanghai, President of College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tongji University China) ADVISORY PANEL Mr. Minoru Mori (President & CEO, Mori Building Co., Ltd., Japan) Liqiang Yuan (General Manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd,China) Zhicai Ge (Director-General, Shanghai Industrial Design Association,China ) Guoxin Wu (Vice Director of World Expo Shanghai Bureau Exhibition Department,China ) Jianping Xu (Director of Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Office, China ) Shinya Izumi (Chief Planner, Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan) Mr, Heizo Takenaka (Professor, Keio University, Japan) KPF – Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, USA ELIGIBILITY The competition is open to students from any university in the world, who has not graduated at the time of December, 2008. CONTACT All the submission please send to: 2008 Birdhouse in Shanghai Executive Committee China Academy of Art Shanghai Institute of Design No. 109 Chunxiao Road, Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Shanghai, China 201203 Tel: 86-021-50802834, 86-021-50277973 Questions please contact: 2008 Birdhouse Project Competition Organizing Committee, China Telephone: +86-021-50802834 +86-021-50277973 E-mail:2008birdhouse_sh@163.com 2008 Birdhouse Project Non-Profit Organization, Japan +81-090-7104-1921 E-mail: project@birdhouse.gr.jp 2008 Birdhouse Project Italy +39 339 711 8728 E-mail: acfel@tin.it 2008 Birdhouse Project America +1 917 294 6629 E-mail: koizumi@usa.com FORMAT AND JUDGING Participant should submit a design proposal to address the competition theme. There are two judging phases: First Phase Participant should submit a design proposal in the form of a photograph, sketch, rendering, drawing, or other media, on A4 panel format (297mm x 210mm). The number of panel is not limited. No particip Second Phase First Phase Entries will be notified in person. The participant will submit a physical model (within 1m x 1m x 1m) based on selected design proposal. The jury will advice the model making. Every entry CALENDAR First Phase Submission May 10th, 2008-August 30th, 2008 First Phase Judging September 6th, 2008 First Phase Nomination Mid-September, 2008 Second Phase Submission Deadline October 25th, 2008 Second Phase Judging November 1st, 2008 The result will be announced on http://www.birdhouse.gr.jp at the beginning of November. Exhibition December, 2008 at Shanghai World Financial Center HOST 2008 Birdhouse Project Competition Organizing Committee Japan Committee of Ecological Environmental Promotion Shanghai Zhangjiang Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd CO-ORGANIZER Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Arts College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University World Expo Shanghai Bureau Exhibition Department Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau Shanghai Industrial Design Association SPONSOR Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai Mori Building Co., Ltd. Group Mori Building China (Shanghai) Property Management and Consulting Co.,Ltd. Shanghai World Financial Center Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Senmao International Real Estate Co.,Ltd. Koizumi Sangyo Corp. Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Zhangjiang Creative Industry Development Foundations of Pudong New Area COPYRIGHT The participants are guaranteed the intellectual property of the submissions, as per applicable legislation regarding author’s rights. Participation in the competition automatically grants the Bi