Terms and Conditions

Postage for the COMPETITIONS Annual sent to subscribers within the U.S. and abroad is included in the initial listed subscription price. Shipping costs are not included for individual copies purchased by buyers outside of the U.S. and must be negotiated as an additional fee. Shipping is included as part of the listed purchase price for buyers within the confines of the U.S.

Those purchasing back copies of the Quarterly magazines, COMPETITIONS, need only negotiate shipping costs if they are outside of the United States.

Subscription payments are only refundable in the event that an Annual cannot be delivered to a subscriber within the calendar year following the year it is covering.

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Postage is included in all subscription rates for subscribers, including for those based outside the U.S. until further notice. Individual overseas orders by non-subscribers for the COMPETITIONS Annual do not include postage, and additional charges need to be confirmed with the publisher before shipping occurs.
Refunds are available only in exceptional cases unless announced beforehand by the publisher.