The Great Cinema of Modern Zlin



Competition organizer: cceamoba Type: international, EOI Process: Up to six teams will be selected to participate in the competition phase Language: Czech Fee: None Challenge:

The Great cinema in Zlín, designed by architect František Lýdie Gahura and built by the

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2018/2019 Steedman Fellowship: Infrastructure

Winner: “Collective Clutter,” installation view, Princeton University. (Photo: Courtesy of Lily Zhang)



When one thinks of infrastructure, it’s usually about roads, rails, bridges, airports, canals, pipelines, and any- and everything about getting from one place to another. But leave it to the Steedman competition to stimulate designers to view things from a different point of view.


In the 2016/17 Steedman competition, won by Pedro Pitarch of Spain, the winner explored the theme, “Adaptation,” and convinced the jury with his proposal, Disguised Metropolitanisms: Unveiling the Masquerade of Urban Domesticity. Pitarch’s point of departure? “There has been a migration from the right of property to the right of access and use,” argued Pedro Pitarch. “Spaces are no longer used according to their architectural program, but according to their protocols, their accessibility, and their possibilities of empowerment.”

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In Memoriam

With regret and sorrow, we report the passing in April of two of our founding members of The Competition Project, Armand Ostroff and Robert Kissinger. Armand was our Board President since our founding in 1986, and Bob was our Secretary/Treasurer during the same period. Their service was essential to the success and growth of our

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Twin Creeks Linear Park Design Competition

Design Challenge:The focus of this competition is developing an inspiring vision for a potential new linear park that could stretch over 7 miles and up to 1,000 acres and serve as a backbone of the area. Individuals and multi-disciplinary design teams from across the United States and beyond with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, engineering, economic analysis, transportation, sustainability, community development, and public art, amongst other fields are invited to submit design proposals for the competition.

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Competing Modernisms:
Toronto’s New City Hall and Square
George Thomas Kapelos (author)
Christopher Armstrong (Introduction)
Dalhousie Architectural Press (2015)
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Competing Modernisms

Toronto’s1958 competition for its New City Hall and Square was anything but regional in nature. When the City Hall project was in a gestation stage, there was certainly enough pressure from locals to limit the competition to Canadian architects—or even Ontario. By expanding the scope of the competition internationally, the event became global, and the result was to bear this out. Not only was the winner, Viljo Revell, from Europe, but two of the high profile jurors, Eero Saarinen and Ernesto Rogers, were non-Canadians

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