Reimagining the Dallas Museum of Art


Six Firms Compete to Rethink the Future of a Major Museum


(The scheduled announcement of the competition winner is to occur in August. Until that time we will refrain from commenting on the merits of the individual entries. In viewing the presentation boards of the six shortlisted firms below, readers should not draw

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Four Plans to Unify Disparate Parts of the Portland Museum of Art’s Campus

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Rafael Viñoly: Buoyed by His Early Successes in Competitions



Figure 1 Industrial Union Tower (1967)


Rafael already made a name for himself in the late sixties as a university student in Buenos Aires. While I was a student serving as an intern in a downtown office in Buenos Aires, one of my peers came back with a story about

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Butrint National Visitor Center, Albania


Courtesy Malcolm Reading Consultants, ©Kengo Kuma & Associates


A UNESCO World Heritage Site Again on the World Stage


How does one approach a challenge when creating a design worthy of a park with a history dating back to antiquity? This was what four design teams faced when shortlisted for the design

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A Korean Heritage Site Sets the Tone


Chungji National Heritage Museum Competition




For those unfamiliar with Korean Heritage and its symbols, the choice of the jury for a new complex to house artifacts, now located at various scattered sites, would seem to beg more information, especially when one views the designs of the non-selected finalists—all quite modern.

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Bringing Design and Construction in Closer Proximity


University of Florida’s College of Design Construction

and Planning’s New Addition


Development phase image courtesy ©Brooks + Scarpa


If architects have had one complaint concerning the planning and realization of a project, it has been with planners and especially construction managers, both of whom often display a lack of

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Shedding More Light on a Non-Profit’s Work Spaces


Houston Endowment’s New Headquarters on the Bayou


Southwest view Houston Endowment Headquarters – Photo Ivan Baan, courtesy Kevin Daly


Following in the footsteps of other major non-profits—The Ford Foundation and LA’s California Endowment Center in particular—the Houston Endowment’s new headquarters, located on a grassy knoll just above the Buffalo

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Transforming a Helsinki Harbor Site

The Makasiiniranta South Harbor Competition Helsinki South Harbour and Tori Quarter Suomen Ilmakuva Helsinki. Image credit/ Tietoa Finland, Janne Hirvonen


As a prelude to a competition for the design of a new Architecture and Design Museum to be located in Helsinki’s South Harbor, the City of Finland staged an open competition to establish a

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Respect for the Old, In with the New


Image courtesy Budapest Development Agency ©Grimshaw

Budapest’s Nygati Rail Station Competition


Completed in 1877, Budapest’s Nygati Railway Station has witnessed many of the twists and turns of Hungarian history: the Austro-Hungarian Empire, revolutions of post-World War I and 1956, and various shades of expansion and shrinkage in their territory. Its important

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A Modern Concert Hall for Prague


Vltava Philharmonic Hall Design Competition


View to Concert Hall from bridge ©BIG


Classical music is still part of a vibrant musical scene in Prague, with at least four principal venues hosting concerts, ballet and opera. As a modern European city, the only missing venue from these choices is a state of

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