Respect for the Old, In with the New


Image courtesy Budapest Development Agency ©Grimshaw

Budapest’s Nygati Rail Station Competition


Completed in 1877, Budapest’s Nygati Railway Station has witnessed many of the twists and turns of Hungarian history: the Austro-Hungarian Empire, revolutions of post-World War I and 1956, and various shades of expansion and shrinkage in their territory. Its important

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A Modern Concert Hall for Prague


Vltava Philharmonic Hall Design Competition


View to Concert Hall from bridge ©BIG


Classical music is still part of a vibrant musical scene in Prague, with at least four principal venues hosting concerts, ballet and opera. As a modern European city, the only missing venue from these choices is a state of

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A Tribute to Veterans on the Wisconsin Prairie


The Cold War Veterans Memorial Competition


Rendering: Oyler Wu Collaborative/Courtesy Pritzker Military Museum & Library


The Pritzker family is no stranger to good architecture; so it should come as no surprise that a project launched by the Pritzker Military Archives, including a competition for a Cold War Veterans Memorial in Wisconsin,

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The Architect of GSA’s Finest Hour


Edward A. Feiner, FAIA (1947-2022)



Nothing is a boon to architecture more than a knowledgeable patron. And one of the foremost “patrons” of architecture in modern societies is government—at its various levels. Our federal government’s role in this is carried out mainly by the General Services Administration (GSA), which oversees the

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Ottawa Parliamentary Precinct’s Block 2


A Quest for that Elusive Connective Formula


First Place: Pedestrian perspective from Parliament – Zeidler Architecture in association with David Chipperfield Architects


How do you find a common thread that can connect an eclectic collection of buildings, visually as well as physically, all located within a one-block site, located just across

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Infrastructure Hub as Urban Revitalization Catalyst


Vilnius Railway Station and Public Square Competition


Vilnius Station competition Image: ©Zaha Hadid Architects



Aerial view of Vilnius railway station (2021)


In European cities, recent history has seen their central railway stations become the subject of upgrades, or totally new projects, many of them springing up

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Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall Competition


AL_A Prevails over a Star-studded Cast



After over a year of planning, the choice of a site, and the establishment of criteria for the staging an international competition for a new concert hall, the process recently culminated in the choice of an architect for the design of the new Philharmonic in

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Gyo Obata: How a Broad Horizon Paid Dividends


Gyo Obata Photo: courtesy HOK


If there are milestones in the world of architecture, the passing of Gyo Obata certainly marked one. Obata, along with Cesar Pelli, Richard Rogers and Helmut Jahn, belonged to a group of designers that had strong international connections, sometimes based on family histories. A second generation American

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High Density in a Green Environment


Geneva Suburban Project as Urban Housing Model





An article, Trois tourettes et un jardin (Three Turrets and a Garden) by Swiss landscape architect, Valérie Hoffmeyer, in Werk, Bauen + Wohnen, is another recent example highlighting the value of green space in the design of mid-rise residential buildings.

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Taipei’s New Music Center as 24/7 Destination


From RUR’s Competition Winning Design to Final Realization


RUR Taipei Pop Music Center performance hall view with artwork ©Philip Colbert



Whether large or small, design competition or straight commission, projects from design phase to realization can stretch over extended periods of time. It was no different with Taipei’s Pop Music

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