New Secondary School in Überlingen, Germany


Sponsor: City of Überlingen, Germany Type: RfQ, EU, EWR/GPA, anonymous Fee: none Language: German Eligibility: Architects and Landscape Architects Process: Nine firms have already been designated to participate. Another 16 will be allowed to participate in the competition stage based on their qualifications. Among other qualifications is the evidence of a completed similar

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Competition for Design of Leskopoljska Gorica Forest Park in Podgorica


Sponsor: Capital City Podgorica Location: Podgorica, Montenegro Type: International, open, anonymous, one-stage Language(s) English, Montenegrin Fee: none Eligibility: design professionals with a registered office in either Montenegro or a foreign country Timetable: 22 May 2024 – Q&A deadline 26 May 2024 – Answers to the questions published on competition website 17

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The Covington Gateway Competition – A Visit with the Winning Architect and Covington’s City Planner


One thing about competitions, and having the fortunate experience I’ve had, I’ve really learned that being ambitious for your client and society is hugely important. – James Cheng



This is Thursday, April 11, 2024, and I am in the office of emersion DESIGN with architect James Cheng and J.T. Spence, the

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Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Geneva


Sponsors: OCBA in collaboration with University of Geneva Competition management: FISCHER MONTAVON + ASSOCIES Architectes-Urbanistes SA Type: open, international, two-stage Fee: none Language: French Eligibility: WTO, Switzerland Timetable: 12. September 2024 – Stage 1 entry submission 27. September 2024 – Model submission 10. March 2025 – Stage 2 entry submission 04.

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Finnish Architecture and Crafts Museum



Museum site


Competition facilitator: ADM, Helsinki and State Real Estate Company Location: Helsinki, Finland Type: Open, International, two-stage Language: English Fee: none Eligibility: Licensed architect (lead architect must have Masters Degree) (See competition brief for clarification of eligibility) Timetable: 24 April 2024 – Competition seminar (A link to submitting

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Masai Mara Conservation Centre, Kenya


Sponsor: Abercrombie & Kent Facilitator: RIBA Type: Open, International, one-stage Location: Masai Mara, Kenya Eligibility: Registered architects Fee: £50+VAT Timetable: 18 June 2024 – Documents submission deadline Process: A shortlist of five designs will be presented to the judging panel, which includes members of A&K Travel Group, the Mara

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Architecture at Zero 2021/22 and 2023 Winners



2023 Teaching and Innovation Farm Lab Graduate Student Honor Award by USC (aerial view)


Architecture at Zero competitions, which focus on the theme, Design Competition for Decarbonization, Equity and Resilience in California, have been supported by numerous California utilities such as Southern California Edison, PG&E, SoCAl Gas, etc., who have

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2024 Architecture at Zero Competition

Architecture at Zero’s 2024 ideas competition is for the design of a middle school building for a campus in East Los Angeles. Deadline for entries is December 16, 2024.

For more information and to enter the competition, go to:


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Columbus Downtown Entrance Plaza Project


Aerial view of site; courtesy City of Columbus, Indiana

Client: City of Columbus (IN) and the Columbus Redevelopment Commission Facilitator: Columbus Design Institute Type: RFQ, one-stage, interview process Eligibility: teams of design professionals Language: English Budget: $450,000 of which no more than $50,000 allotted for design Timetable February 22,

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North Boulder Creative Campus

Overview The North Boulder Creative Campus brings together two distinct projects to create an artistic hub for the community: (1) an iconic facility for BMoCA, which will be the cultural anchor of the campus; (2) the broader cultural campus including housing options for diverse needs; live work spaces supporting a range of creative practices; and

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