Interview: Cesar Pelli (Summer1995)


Miami Performing Arts Center with Sears Tower in center; Competition (1995), Completion (2006)


COMPETITIONS: What was the first competition you participated in?


PELLI: I believe the first was during my third year in school as an undergraduate. It was a sketch competition for completed designs. It was run by Ernesto

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Hornachuelos Downtown Reactivation

Sponsors: Town of Hornachuelos, Spain; reTHINKING competitions Type: Open, International, two-stage Eligibility: Architects Languages: English and Spanish Fees: Early registration: 40€ + IVA Regular registration: 70€ + IVA Late registration: 90€ + IVA Timetable: 20 September 2016 – Early Registration ends 18 October 2016 – Regular registration ends 02 November 2016 – Late registration ends

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“Home Revisited” – Homes of the Future

Sponsor: Asko Foundation, Finland Type: Open, International Eligibility: Architects, engineers, designers, artists Languages: English Fee: none Awards: First prize (1) – 30,000€ Timetable: 1 September 2016 – Competition launch Jury: TBD Challenge: Many factors will impact future living developments, such as environmental questions, redefining the concept of family, multiculturalism, the aging population, and digitalization. The

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2017 City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition 2017
 New York

Sponsors: FIGMENT, New York; Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA), New York; Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY), New York Location: Governor’s Island, New York Type: Open, international, two-stage Eligibility: architects and students of architecture Fees: Students – US$40 Individual entries – US$90 Group entries – US$140 Language: English Timetable: 15 September 2016 –

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Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Headquarters

Rosa Luxemburg memorial
Rosa Luxemburg Memorial
by Mies van der Rohe




Given the history of Rosa Luxemburg as a founder of the Spartacus Bund, a precursor to the German Communist Party, it would seem peculiar to many outside of Germany that a foundation bearing her name would be one of the largest in Germany. Rosa Luxemburg, although born in Poland, became famous during World War I in Berlin as an anti-war activist. She was murdered during the Communist uprising against the German government in 1919. In 1926, Mies van der Rohe was commissioned to design a monument commemorating her and Karl Liebknecht, co-founders of the Spartacus Bund (above). The monument was later demolished by the Nazis in 1935 and never rebuilt. One promising attempt to rebuild the memorial was abandoned when Mies withdrew his support for it—no doubt a product of the Cold War at the time—and Mies’s experiences with the McCarthy hearings at the Un- American Activities Committee.

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The Obama Library Competition: What Would Olmsted have said?

Jackson Park :White City

The location for the site for the future Obama Library will be in one of two parks on Chicago’s South Side—Jackson Park (the most probable choice at the time) or Washington Park. Both parks were designed by the American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. Olmsted’s reputation as a landscape architect really began with his winning entry in New York’s Central Park design competition. There was nothing secretive about the process leading up to Olmsted’s choice as the winner. And millions have been the beneficiaries of that successful competition ever since.

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